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Quik! and Redtail CRM: An Integration for Maximum Efficiency

In financial services one of management’s key concerns is efficiency. Efficiency in numbers, planning, strategizing, and managing are the name of the game for those in finance. But, while financial businesses are focused on maximizing profits and growth for their clients, it is important that they not overlook ways they can maximize their own business efforts. One solution where they can realize a significant impact is customer relationship management (CRM) tools and software.

The financial industry is a competitive one. Businesses in this sector must focus heavily on setting themselves apart from their competition, manage their current and potential clients, and ensure their processes are streamlined as efficiently as possible. CRM software was designed specifically to help businesses in all sectors be the best they can be.

Redtail CRM is perfectly poised to partner with those in the financial industry. In this article, we will take a closer look at Redtail and how the Quik! App integrated with Redtail as a useful tool to maximize time and growth.

What Is Redtail CRM?

Redtail is the first cloud-based customer relationship management tool that was designed for the financial services industry. Many budget-conscious financial advisors appreciate Redtail’s competitive pricing. But cost savings aside, the features Redtail offers are built to support efficiency.

According to Forrester Research, businesses that utilize a CRM system can see conversion rates improve by 300%. Additionally, 50% of business teams increase productivity when using a system with a mobile CRM.

In general, when it comes to CRM software, it is easier for businesses to utilize a service that is familiar with their sector and knows what they need. Redtail has features geared towards supporting financial professionals and their clients. Here is a look at what you can expect:

  • Streamlined Integrations - The capability to integrate other services you use is important. With Redtail CRM, you can access and incorporate the use of popular programs like Quik! that add value and user-friendly features.

  • Dynamic Reporting - Fast, accurate, and dynamic reporting is essential for any financial business. With Redtail, users can enjoy tracking the data that’s important to them.

  • Enhanced Workflow Support - A streamlined workflow and automation can help any financial business maximize their day-to-day. Redtail works with the grain of your processes, not against. You can also see a visible trail of all tasks completed by users and within the company.

  • Cloud and Mobile Access - Access everything you need from anywhere with the featured mobile app and cloud access.

  • Sales Pipeline Feature - Get an accurate picture of what sales opportunities you and your team have at any time with Redtail’s sales pipeline.

  • Campaign Tracking - Make sure your marketing and campaign efforts are on track by gaining insight into performance with Redtail’s campaign tracking.

  • Scheduling - When you have a team working on various projects, it’s important that scheduling can be easily maintained to keep everyone on track.

A Match Made in Financial Forms Heaven

If you want to hear a jarring statistic, let’s look at one aspect of the financial industry - paperwork. According to one report, those who work in finance spend an average of 49% of their time completing forms and processing transactions - that’s half of your day. And this comes after the customer has decided to buy the product! Fortunately, there is an integration solution.

Although the paperwork process is time-consuming, it is also essential. When Quik! integrated with Redtail CRM, it provided Quik! App and Redtail users a faster way to enter data onto forms. Here’s how they speed up and streamline the process:

  • Intuitive Selection – After your initial Redtail connection is set-up, choose your forms before selecting your clients so you don’t waste time guessing who has a role on the form(s). You can easily assign multiple clients to your forms as well.

  • Pre-filled Data – Select your client(s) and then data from over 50 client fields in Redtail is automatically added to the form or group of forms.

  • Progressive Fill – Repetitive data is automatically filled onto your form(s) from Quik!’s library of over 34,000 forms.

  • Bundling - Eliminate the headache of constantly searching for all the forms that need to be completed and bundle them for easy access and distribution with Quik!.

  • E-signature – All Quik! forms’ signature fields are already tagged for use with DocuSign and SIGNiX. Using Quik! allows you to easily send, receive, and track signatures.

How Seamless Integration Can Help Your Business

While all these features are useful and will make things easier, you may wonder if it is worth it. Here is a breakdown of how the integration between Redtail and Quik! helps you maximize growth and profitability.

  • Profit Increase - To truly maximize profits, you need to maximize your day-to-day processes as well as keep a client-focused workflow. When you have two financially focused software companies dedicated to CRM and financial paperwork, you can focus on increasing profits and planning.

  • Cost Savings - When you have the power of two financial programs in one to help increase productivity and reduce labor costs, your business can see tremendous cost savings.

  • Process Streamlining - Imagine freeing up more time to focus on your business and profit-generating tasks instead of getting caught up in arduous daily tasks and mounds of paperwork.

  • Faster Client Conversion Rates - CRM’s are excellent tools for managing client leads and working towards faster conversions. Quik! adds to faster conversion rates by cutting down the time you spend filling out paperwork, getting it to your client, and submitting it for processing.

Create More Efficiency in Your Business

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how your financial business can be more efficient to maximize profitability and growth. What steps can you take to both streamline processes and reduce the time and effort spent on each task? The seamless integration of Quik! and Redtail CRM eliminates the guesswork and allows you to focus on serving your clients’ financial needs.

For more information about the Quik! and Redtail CRM integration and what it can do for your business, look here.

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