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Quik! Forms App

Save Time. Save Money. The Quik! App

Simply the best forms technology available for financial advisors.

See for yourself with a free 14-day trial

  • Specifically designed for both individual users and enterprises

  • Already in use by tens of thousands

  • Easy to use intuitive interface saves time and reduces errors

Designed to save you through these features:

Ipad Screen - CRM Add People copy.png
Fill in More Fields Automatically

Quik! gives you the most complete connection to your CRM available. Our field naming convention boasts hundreds of thousands of fields that can be pre-filled with your existing data. Go beyond name and address.

E-sign Built In

Every signable form in our library is ready to go out for e-signature (Docusign or Signix) at the click of a button. No need to build or maintain your own templates.

Ipad Screen - Esign ID check screen copy.png
Ipad Screen - Form Bundles copy.png
Save Time Getting Started

You can create form bundles that give you every form you need for the type of account you are opening. You can favorite forms you use often or favorite the form companies you use the most. Its easy to set up Quik! so that when you sit down, you’re ready to go.

Save Forms in Progress

Save your forms in progress and even if the form changes when you get back to it, you don’t have to start over. The data automatically fills on to the new form. You don’t have to worry about lost work or out-of-date forms.

Ipad Screen - Save Work In Progress copy.png
Ipad Screen - Client Vault copy.png
Quik! Vault

Now you can upload information from a form or a CSV into Quik! You can keep that information securely stored in the Quik! Vault and use it to fill out forms.

Progressive Fill

Enjoy significant time savings by eliminating repetitive manual entry. We present our forms to you in a single, scrollable window so when you type data in one place it fills it in everywhere it is required.

Ipad Screen - Progressive Fill copy.png
Ipad Screen - Customer Support Chat copy.png
Outstanding Customer Service

Quik! not only has help built into the product with an in-depth knowledge base, we also offer live chat, email and phone availability to make sure that the product always performs for you.

Evolving Product

We don’t sit on our laurels. Check our Roadmap and see what is coming.

Ipad Screen - Roadmap copy.png
Like what you see but need the features of an Enterprise Solution?
Just click the button below.
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Are We The Right Fit?

Let us help you make an informed decision by having an idea meeting to see if we’re the right fit. We also offer free trials and sandboxes to help you make the best decision.

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