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Security Policy

Effective starting: August 1, 2022

Security Policy

Your security is a priority while visiting Efficient Technology Inc websites. To provide credit card security and keep your personal information safe, we use 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, the most widely used data encryption coding system for secure e-commerce transactions. All of your information while logged in and while using SSL is encrypted prior to being sent over the Internet to any of our systems. To protect your information once we receive it, we send it to our e-commerce service provider, Pay Pal, using SSL where your information is stored (we do not store your credit card information on any of our servers). Pay Pal is in the business of credit card transactions and financial data management, and uses systems designed to keep information safe and inaccessible to other Internet users. If your browser doesn’t accept the SSL technology, transactions will not be permitted.

To confirm that your connection is secure, look for a locked padlock icon or solid key icon at the bottom of your browser window. The letters ‘https’ (rather than ‘http’) located in the URL address window at the top of your browser also indicate that you are using a secure browser.

Recurring Billing Policy

As a service to our customers, we offer recurring billing for all credit card charges, which allows us, through our service provider (PayPal), to automatically bill your credit on our behalf for every new period of service that you subscribe to (monthly or annually). For example, if you buy Quik! Transaction Manager monthly, your credit card will automatically be billed for the service fee at the beginning of each service period. You can cancel your service at any time without losing any rights to use the system through the end of your paid subscription, and you can cancel or renew your subscription at any time. Our recurring billing policy is to automatically perform the transaction at the beginning of each period without prior notice to you, to create an invoice and receipt for each transaction at the time your credit card is successfully billed, notify you of the invoice and/or receipt, and to notify you if your credit card is declined for any reason or about to expire. Using our online Quik! Customer Center website, you can manage your billing profile, change or cancel service, change credit cards, add new products and virtually any other billing-related manner.

If you would prefer to not use our recurring billing feature, we ask that you pay annually or request an invoice and pay by check.

If you have any security questions, concerns, or incidents to report, please contact

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