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Redtail CRM

Integrates with Quik!

Integration at Its Best

Redtail CRM is designed specifically for financial professionals and integrates seamlessly with Quik! Users have access to every customer in their CRM dataset to populate and eSign automated forms at the push of a button.

Benefits To You

  • Save time and energy. Select multiple customer profiles at once.
  • We have the forms you need. Quik!’s vast volume of standard field definitions and forms library means most Redtail CRM data fields are recognized and supported.
  • Quickly access the forms you use most frequently. Create customized form bundles.
  • Progressive fill means Quik! knows to pre-fill repeated data when populated just once.
  • Quik! forms can be saved at any time, meaning you can return to forms in progress if you need to locate missing information.
  • Sign and send Quik! forms with e-signatures supported by DocuSign and SIGNiX.

Using your Redtail CRM data with Quik! is easy.

Simply enter your Redtail account information in the Quik! Forms App account settings.

    Click settings

     Select “Add Source”

     Enter your Redtail account information

     Name your connection. For example, “Redtail.”

     For a full walkthrough on adding clients to Quik!, please click here.

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