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Frequently Asked Questions

Make a well-informed decision about using Quik!

  • What does Quik! Forms do?
    Quik! is a provider of forms automation and management solutions for companies looking to maximize efficiency and productivity. Its technology is simple and easy to use, reducing the time and hassle of paperwork and empowering users to do their best work. Each form is fillable, interactive, secure and signable, allowing Quik! customers to collectively save thousands of trees per year.
  • Can I try Quik! for free?
    Actually, you can. Sign up for a free trial with the Quik! App, or we can set you up with a sandbox to get started with the Quik! API.
  • Is Quik! a webform or PDF form builder?
    No, Quik! is Software as a Service (SaaS), not a do-it-yourself tool. You send in the form and the Quik! team takes it from there. They set up the form to work with the Quik! software.
  • Does Quik! have the forms I need?
    Quik! has an extensive library of more than 34,000 forms. Quik!’s library also includes standard regulatory compliance forms issued by local, state and federal government agencies and entities.
  • Can I add my own custom forms?
    Yes, for only $20 per fillable page, Quik! will convert your document into a fillable, interactive, secure and digitally signable HTML form.
  • How long does it take Quik! to build a new form?
    Forms are built within 10 business days or less.
  • Do clients have to enter the same information over and over into each field?
    No. Quik!’s unparalleled standard definition of over 500,000 unique fields means data is automatically transferred to repeated fields. The Quik! field definition includes common data points like the account owner’s first name, last name, date of birth and much more.
  • What operating systems and browsers are compatible with Quik! software?
    The HTML form generated by Quik! software runs on all current and up-to-date HTML-5 browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The forms are backwards compatible to HTML-4 browsers, including Internet Explorer version 8.0, making it possible to fill out any form on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and any operating system with a modern browser.
  • Can I use Quik! on a mobile device?
    Quik! works on laptops, tablets, and phones – but we must point out that filling out a multipage form on a phone is not an ideal user experience.
  • How does Quik! Forms display my forms?
    When you launch forms with Quik! they are displayed in a common web browser with all the pages from all the forms you selected combined into a single scrollable viewer. See an example: Quik! Form Viewer
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Are We The Right Fit?

Let us help you make an informed decision by having an idea meeting to see if we’re the right fit. We also offer free trials and sandboxes to help you make the best decision.

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