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DocuSign integration: Exclusive benefits for Quik! App users

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The Quik! App offers a host of automation solutions to make forms processing faster and more efficient. One of the more important integrations in the Quik! App is its integration with leading e-signature provider, DocuSign.

The Quik! App’s DocuSign integration helps users optimize how they send, sign, and process forms. As a result, firms reduce paper waste, increase close rates, cut costs and switch to a paperless workflow.

Benefits of DocuSign Integration

DocuSign integration offers four key benefits when used with the Quik! App. Take a look at how incorporating electronic signatures can enhance your workflow.

Faster Turnaround

When your business combines form automation with e-signatures, you greatly improve turnaround time and shorten sales cycles.

There’s also no need to coordinate a time for all parties to meet and sign the documents, because everything can be done online and from anywhere.


There’s no need to print paper, buy printer ink, pay for a stamp, or pay for any other fees associated with mailing forms to clients. The Quik! App’s integration with DocuSign can help your business cut costs.

High level of security

Security is always a concern when it comes to the internet, but the good news is that e-signatures come with enhanced security measures. There’s always an electronic trail your team can review to ensure everything adds up. You can see who opened the forms and who still needs to sign them. You can also add identity verification requirements for more protection.

Simple and convenient

What is the best part about using e-signatures? The convenience and simplicity. There is no need to create a template. Signature fields on every form in Quik!’s library are already set up to use with DocuSign.

Including e-signatures results in a seamless workflow where everything is organized, streamlined, trackable, and simplified. Your clients will also appreciate being able to sign forms quickly and remotely.

DocuSign integration in the Quik! App is simple

The Quik! App is known for being easy-to-use and one of the most intuitive form automation programs on the market. Naturally, its DocuSign integration is also simple to maneuver.

After you connect your DocuSign account to the Quik! App and fill out your form(s) using the Quik! App’s automation tools, you simply select DocuSign as your e-signature platform. To customize the e-signature process, you can:

  • Choose how you want the forms to be signed. Most people choose to send forms through email, but you can also have your recipients sign documents through certified deliveries, in-person, and more.

  • Add an extra layer of protection with identity verification if you’re concerned about security. This can be done through ID check, SMS, social media, and other methods.

  • Select how you want to send forms out for signature. If you chose to send them through email, your recipients’ will be able to e-sign and send them back in a matter of minutes!

Discover DocuSign integration and other forms automation solutions

The Quik! App helps businesses solve the problem of messy and inefficient paperwork. Our integration with DocuSign is only one component of our many form automation tools.

With other features like CRM integration, progressive-fill, and more - we can help your business save time and reduce errors. Not to mention, our solutions are environmentally friendly and can help you lower your paper consumption.

Ready to learn more about how including e-signatures and form automation tools can improve your workflow? Contact us!

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