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The Quik! Forms App Will Automate Your Forms Right Now

          The Quik! Forms App is A Hosted, Turnkey Product


  • Specifically designed for individual users and enterprise firms alike

  • Already in use by tens of thousands of users

  • Simple, easy to use interface that saves time and reduces errors

Key Features:

  • Progressive Fill – type once and all repetitive information automatically fills in the forms

  • CRM Integration – Pulls data from your CRM to seamlessly prefill forms

  • Eliminate Errors – use required fields and form bundles to streamline your work

  • Easy Setup – sign up and start using Quik! in moments

  • Modern – easy to use, intuitive interface doesn’t require training

  • Priced Right - pricing options to fit your budget and needs

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See the difference in the Quik! Forms App 

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10 Reasons Why More Financial Firms are Choosing Quik! Forms App as Their Forms Solution

  1. Fill in more fields automatically - Quik! boasts more than a half a million fields that can be pre-filled through your data connection. Many of our account opening, custodian and clearing forms can be completely filled in with your existing data.

  2. ​E-Sign built in - (See video) No need to build or maintain your own templates, e-signature is just a click away. Every form that requires a signature or initials in our library of over 36,000 forms is already set up for e-signature (both Docusign and Signix).

  3. Progressive fill - (See video) Enjoy significant time savings by eliminating manual entry. We bundle our forms together in a single, scrollable window so when you type data in one place it fills it in everywhere it is required.

  4. Save money - You get more features and innovations for less money. Tiered pricing means you only pay for the features you need. Plus, we continually upgrade our product and add more features to improve how you work on forms.

  5. Outstanding customer service – Quik! not only has help built into the product with an in-depth knowledge base, we also offer live chat, email and phone availability to make sure that the product always performs for you. We love receiving great service as much as you do so we strive to always give you our best.

  6. Improve your cash flow - Automated form solutions result in faster revenue recognition. Making the switch from paper-based forms to automated digital forms means faster transactions when forms are prefilled, submitted, processed and signed digitally within minutes.

  7. Seamless integrations - Leverage the power of your CRM to prefill forms more completely. Then e-sign them with DocuSign and Signix – in fact, you can use Quik! with as many different e-sign accounts as you need to help you save money and send forms to the right custodian.

  8. Enterprise management – Firms with multiple offices, branches and users can set up multiple linked accounts at Quik! to share form bundles (see video), e-sign settings, required fields and other configurations. The enterprise management features of Quik! make it possible to extend and control features to end users to ensure business gets done the way you need it to.

  9. Free users – With the Advanced Plan pricing model you pay for concurrent users, or how many users need to be logged in at the same time. This means you can sign up as many users as you’d like and pay for only the number you need to use the system – that saves you money and provides better flexibility and security.

  10. Save forms in progress – Have you ever filled out a form online, took a break and came back to discover you had to start all over again? Not with Quik! – save your form (just like saving any other document) and work on it later. Better yet, next time you launch the form it will always show the latest form version and you’ll never have an out of date form again.



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