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What can business owners do to save time on paperwork? Stop doing paperwork. Automate instead.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Stop doing paperwork.  Automate instead with Quik! Forms

Did you know the average company rejects at least 25% of the forms they receive due to bad data, missing information or even using the wrong form?

Each time a form is rejected you lose time in your business process and end up spending more time starting over or fixing the problem. Moreover, a rejected form creates a bad customer experience and may cause you to lose customers or credibility. Forms automation greatly reduces or even eliminates the time you’re spending on forms today.

Here are the top 3 ways you can automate your forms right now.

1. Prefill Your Forms: One of the best ways is to prefill data you already have onto forms. Doing this will ensure clean data flows to your forms and you avoid typos. Even if you cannot prefill from a CRM or other data source, it is essential that you make your forms fillable online so you can at least avoid printing and handwriting.

2. Enforce Rules: Set up rules like required fields and field formats. By making fields required on electronic forms you will reduce errors by up to 95%. That alone could give you back hours of your time each week. Field formats will also help ensure the data you hand enter is formatted correctly (e.g. phone numbers, social security numbers, etc.)

3. E-Sign Forms: It’s completely legal to sign your forms electronically, so long as the company you’re submitting the form to accepts e-signature in their process (most do). E-signing saves you the hassle of printing, mailing, scanning and handling your document. With a good e-sign solution you and your clients can sign right now and be done!

There are many more ways you can streamline filling out paperwork like submitting the forms electronically, adding barcodes to scan in printed copies, emailing electronic forms to customers and more.

Of course, Quik! provides these capabilities and much more, but there are plenty of ways to accomplish forms automation depending on the types of forms, the devices you use and where you use forms (e.g. on your website, out in the field without internet, etc.). The ideal solution is one that already integrates with the other technologies you use or is configurable to work with your existing systems.

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