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The Next Step in Forms Automation? Quik! View

Forms automation cuts out the tedious tasks associated with form processing - making the job easier, more efficient, and productive. The best forms automation solutions offer features like progressive fill, which automatically fills repetitive information, such as names, throughout all fields on a form.

There’s also form bundling, which groups required forms together; e-signature, making it easy to sign forms quickly; and CRM integration, which ensures accurate information is transferred onto forms every single time. These tools help eliminate errors, cut down costs, save time, and boost overall productivity. You can read more about must-have forms automation features and the benefits here.

Quik! is taking the benefits of forms automation one step further with its latest feature, Quik! View – incorporating an intuitive and efficient interface for filling out forms. Take a look at what the next generation in forms automation means for your business!

Introducing Quik! View

Quik! View transforms electronic forms into manageable outlines to be filled out step-by-step. Each section represents different individual roles or groups of information - i.e. owner, beneficiary, etc. The result is an intuitive interface that allows for easy browsing through every section and required fields. There is less noise, which allows users to swiftly move through the information while making fewer errors.

You can launch Quik! View in the Quik! App. Quik! View collects the data from the form or group of forms you’ve selected and displays the form data in an organized, outline format. Quik! View integrates with your CRM to allow your client’s information to upload automatically. Quik! View also eliminates duplicate information so you only see and enter the data once.

You can review your form to make sure there are no missing sections or errors by switching back to the form view from Quik! View. Once it’s good to go, you can print out the complete form or form bundle and sign it. Or you can opt for the e-signature route. Quik! App integrates seamlessly with DocuSign and SIGNiX. Just a few clicks and your form is on its way to getting signed by all required parties.

Benefits of Quik! View

Eliminate Errors

Quik! View is specifically designed for reducing the number of errors, NIGOs (Not In Good Order transactions), and rejections your business faces daily. The straightforward format eliminates the noise that makes forms messy, confusing, and prone to errors. Scanning through and identifying required fields is simple and efficient. Never worry about submitting a form with missing fields again.

Uploading personal information is as easy as selecting individual names from your company’s CRM - ensuring accurate data is sourced every time. You’ll also be able to serve your clients more effectively. And you won’t have to worry about asking clients to re-sign forms they believed were completed.

Cut Costs

Forms automation significantly reduces the costs companies face from form inaccuracies and misfiling. Quik! View makes it even easier for your team to spot missing fields and errors - resulting in fewer mistakes and fewer costs.

Instead of taking the time to program each field onto a form through a tool or software solution, every form in our library of over 35,000 forms is ready to view using Quik! View.

Save Time

You’ll never have to manually enter anyone’s personal information again because pre-filled data is sourced directly from your CRM. You’ll also never have to input the same bit of information twice because progressive-fill will take care of it.

The Quik! View outline format allows you to fill out required fields faster than ever before. Forms are broken up piece-by-piece, so it’s a matter of a couple of concise steps and you’re done! The result is an optimized approach to task management. Leaving you and your team more time to focus on the important goals.

Quick and Easy Changes

Does your industry require forms to be updated every few months? You need a forms automation system that is flexible to modifications. If you’ve launched a team to code forms for your business - alterations can be sluggish and expensive.

Quik! allows you to customize forms and make necessary adjustments rapidly. Our software is designed to process changes and updates efficiently.

Automating Your Forms

Quik! is a leading forms automation software provider that’s revolutionizing the next generation of electronic forms. Quik! offers the most important forms automation features like progressive fill, form bundling, CRM integration, and more. With the introduction of its newest feature Quik! View, automating forms has never been so easy, fast, and efficient.

Whether your team deals with business applications or contracts, Quik! App has over 35,000 forms frequently used by some of the biggest names in the financial industry, which are all compatible with Quik! View. Chances are, we already have the forms you use within our cloud-based database.

Trying to automate your forms in-house is costly and all too often inefficient - not to mention incompatible with updates or changes. Instead, it makes more sense to partner up with Quik!. We’ll walk you through our forms automation software and show you firsthand how Quik! View can modernize your workflow!

Ready to learn more? Call 877-456-7845 (and select option 2) or get in touch online!

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