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Quik! Integrates SmartOffice by Ebix into Automated Forms Solution

Financial Services CRM Now Fully Compatible with Quik! Forms App to Respond to Customer Needs

TORRANCE, Calif. (July 13, 2020) – Quik!, a leading provider of automated forms solutions, today announced the launch of full integration with Ebix’s SmartOffice. Now financial advisors who rely on SmartOffice CRM can prefill an extensive library of forms using the Quik! Forms App. This is the latest partnership in a rapidly growing list of software platforms powered with or compatible with Quik!. SmartOffice users can now use Quik! to reduce human error and maximize productivity by diminishing the hassles of manually filling out paperwork.

“We are excited to empower SmartOffice users to save time finding and prefilling forms faster with the Quik! Forms App,” said Richard Walker, CEO and Founder of Quik!. “Quik!’s forms automation integration with SmartOffice brings more power, efficiency and value to financial professionals and changes the way paperwork is done.”

With the SmartOffice integration, the Quik! Forms App (starting at just $25 a month) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that generated prefilled forms ready for e-signing or printing to PDF using an organization’s own data. Users save time filling out forms by entering data only once and having it automatically fill in all forms.

Quik! makes paperwork easier by enabling users to create bundles of forms, add custom forms, collaborate and distribute forms directly to clients, enable e-signature integration, and more. The solution is supported by every web browser, enabling an effortless workflow without the frustration and wasted time of format compatibility issues.

“This integration is rooted in our mutual investment in innovation and responding to customer needs,” said Bryan Eshelbrenner, director of product management group at Ebix. “SmartOffice is designed with our customers’ client needs in mind, so integrating with Quik! as an automated forms solution is another way our software is responsive to the market.”

Quik! Forms is purpose-built to help enterprises gain high levels of adoption with their users so firms can rapidly improve their business workflows, open new accounts faster, onboard clients with ease, and eliminate rejected paperwork. Quik! solves many use cases where forms are repetitively filled out including transitioning accounts, enrollments, government and financial paperwork, standardized legal forms and more.

To learn more about the Quik! Forms App, please visit:

About Quik!

Quik! is a provider of forms automation and management solutions for companies looking to maximize efficiency and productivity. Its technology is simple and easy to use, reducing the time and hassle of paperwork and empowering users to do their best work. Each form is fillable, interactive, secure and signable, allowing Quik! customers to collectively save thousands of trees per year. Quik! API and App solutions feature an unparalleled standard definition of more than 500,000 fields and an extensive library of more than 34,000 forms that are easily integrated with CRM and other systems. Founded in 2002 by business consultant and entrepreneur Richard Walker, Quik! helps the top firms in the financial industry improve their bottom line. For more information on Quik!, visit

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