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Functioning in the Home Office

Most of us are approaching our third month of working from home due to the pandemic. We’re past the initial hiccups and finding that there is a rhythm in new routines. Maybe, you’re spending more mealtimes with family or you have an 11 am walk scheduled every day to get up and moving.

What may have started as a triage operation for your company may now be turning into a real long-term strategic plan to work efficiently from home (or from anywhere, really). So, are you reorganizing your toolkit to be impactful away from your physical office?

We’ve found that the two most important keys to our success in these times are a robust enterprise SaaS infrastructure and a focus on mental resiliency.

The Right Tools

Do you have all the right tools you need? Products like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting are making all the headlines right now, and for good reason. So much of what we miss from our in-person meetings are the non-verbal cues and connection we share through having face time with one another. What was unimaginable 30 years ago now keeps us connected, allows us to share human experiences and makes project collaboration go smoothly. Many of these communications platforms allow for file hosting and sharing, so projects can keep progressing.

It’s actually the same principle from which the Quik! Forms App operates. We designed it to be location agnostic and collaborative. Your Quik! experience is the same in your kitchen as it is at your office desk. You can save work in progress at any time in case you need to manage an interruption or have a colleague remotely review it.


This is something you cannot purchase from a vendor. It comes from within, from our teams and our clients and from our friends and families. It is born of your own mental strength. It’s the conversation you have with yourself during a difficult time.

If you’re in a dark place and having a hard time, which is the case for many during this global crisis, and you’re giving yourself positive-feedback and reminding yourself of your ability to get through this – you empower yourself and build the foundations to keep moving forward. This same idea applies to your company!

I find it helpful to promote a vision of where Quik! is going, not where it is today. Let’s all spell out the vision of what we are going to be able to accomplish and how we are going to do it. Keep people motivated to look forward because that inherently builds resilience in your culture. It’s the strength to help you push past the present.

This is a conversation that I think we’re going to continue having during the COVID-19 crisis, and maybe even beyond as we rethink our preparedness to flexible work environments.

What works for you? We’re curious to hear from you in the comment section below.

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