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Quik! and Paperclip Join Forces to Streamline Forms Processing for Financial Services

Partnership revolutionizes forms processing with AI, security and speed

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (Jan. 17, 2024)– Quik! — the industry leader in enterprise forms processing — today announced an integration partnership with Paperclip, INC., an innovative data security and content management company. The partnership between Quik! and Paperclip enables both companies to transform the way firms approach high-volume, complex document processing while ensuring data integrity and accuracy.


The first release of their joint solution will be announced on January 22, 2024 at the T3 Conference which will take two of each company’s strongest capabilities and offer them together as a transformative solution that has no rival in the industry. This powerful new solution will appeal to product companies, carriers, custodians, clearing firms and broker/dealers alike by leveraging the strength of Quik!’s forms library and forms intelligence with Paperclip’s patented security, content and data management capabilities.


“We’re proud to partner with Quik!, a company that has proven themselves as the leader in forms processing, in order to bring innovative solutions to market faster”, said Suzy Tuck, Senior Vice President of Sales.  Our integrated solutions will empower the supply chain with a seamless workflow for data capture and document creation.  Together, we forge a path where efficiency meets precision, and collaboration becomes the catalyst for operational excellence.”


The upcoming first product will be sold by and offered by Quik!, with Paperclip providing critical services powering the Quik! solution. Plans for additional products are in the works to bring further innovations to the marketplace.


"We’re so excited about this relationship with Paperclip and how it can positively impact our customers. With their 30+ years of experience building and delivering great solutions, we’re proud to be working with them on offering back-office improvements, faster client onboarding with a smoother workflow, freeing up time and resources for key personnel to focus more on strategic efforts and client relationships," said Richard Walker, CEO of Quik!, “Together, we’re committed to providing transformative solutions that empower people to do their best work.”


To learn more about the Quik! and Paperclip partnership, visit


About Quik!


Founded in 2002, Quik! Is a combination of software and service for companies looking to maximize their efficiency and productivity in processing forms – both internal and those provided by a third party. The Quik! products range from a turnkey product for the individual user to comprehensive APIs that enable customer implementations built directly into their existing technology infrastructure. Quik! is in use by over 100,000 professional users who have generated over 100,000,000 forms and saved over 90,000 trees.


In addition, Quik! serves the wealth management industry by managing the most extensive library of financial forms (over 40,000) that are fillable, interactive, secure and e-signable. With a field definition of over 1.2 million fields, Quik! enables customers to process more data in form-based processes than any other solution in the world.


About Paperclip


Paperclip is a proven technology partner that continues to revolutionize data security, content and document management for Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide. Every second of every day, our innovative solutions are securely processing, transcribing, storing, and communicating highly sensitive content across the internet. Maximizing efficiency to save millions annually, while maintaining absolute security and compliance. For more information, visit


Media Contact


Kelly Waltrich for Quik!

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