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Quik! and DocuSign Integration: Amplify Your Onboarding Process

Quik! boasts one of the most innovative forms automation software systems around. It maintains a digital library of over 36,000 electronic forms used daily by financial service professionals.

All forms in Quik!’s library can be integrated with your CRM, are ready for electronic signature, and offer many other impressive features. They’re also in line with the latest industry regulations and compliance standards.

Now, Quik! has partnered with DocuSign CLM to create a solution that will further simplify and upgrade workflow processes for RIAs and wealth management firms.

How Quik! and DocuSign CLM Streamline Client Onboarding

It’s no secret that client onboarding is one of the more tedious aspects of a financial transaction. The process entails preparing numerous forms, inputting client data, managing revisions, double-checking compliance requirements, and manually printing and packing envelopes to be sent out.

Well, not anymore.

Quik!’s latest integration with DocuSign CLM automates and digitizes the onboarding process for a faster, more efficient delivery.

Together DocuSign CLM and Quik! enable financial advisors to:

● Process forms electronically

● Prefill client data onto forms

● Customize required fields

● Save in-process work

● Conduct reviews and approvals

● Create a single signing event for all documents

● Send documents via email to be reviewed and signed within minutes

This unique solution combines the best in electronic form processing with top-notch DocuSign Agreement Cloud capabilities. Financial advisors will be able to save time, money, and enjoy a simplified workflow.

There’s also the added bonus of heightened security. DocuSign incorporates top security features, such as tamper-evident sealing and digital audit trails, to help ensure that signatures are authentic and court-admissible. Advisors can even verify signer identity by choosing from a range of integrated authentication and verification solutions. And Quik! doesn’t store your data in any manner, keeping you in control.

Above all, your clients will appreciate how easy and straightforward you’ve made the onboarding process. You’ll set yourself up to onboard clients faster while making paperwork the easiest part of your transaction.

How the Quik! and DocuSign Integration Works

The process starts in Salesforce where you pick clients and forms to generate. It quickly moves into DocuSign CLM for generating and pre-populating investor agreements and compliance forms. All the documents are then combined into a single signing package. Most of your workflow is automated, and it’s broken down into 5 simple steps:

1) Choose Clients and Forms. In your CRM, navigate to your client account and gather the forms you need. This process works with custodial forms, advisory disclosures, and other investor agreements. Quik! will automatically map all relevant client data from your CRM onto your forms.

2) Create DocuSign CLM Documents. Next, the documents are seamlessly sent into DocuSign CLM, and a document package will be created to merge client information into a proprietary agreement. At this point, you’ll be able to select the document recipients and make adjustments through the DocuSign CLM Clause Library.

3) Create Onboarding Package. DocuSign CLM will generate an onboarding package complete with your agreements and custodial documents from Quik!.

4) Review Documents. Once generated, advisors will be able to review all documents before sending them to the client. The client’s information, account name, and clauses will be highlighted in blue - making it easy to visually verify information.

5) Start Signing. Once reviewed, you can send out the complete onboarding package to the investor via email. They’ll be able to review and electronically sign the documents within minutes. You’ll be able to track their progress and get notified once all forms have been completed.

Onboarding has never been so fast and efficient!

This process is tailored to your specific needs. You choose the workflow, the process, the custodians, and the documents - DocuSign CLM + Quik! will make it easy.

Ready to learn more about the Quik! Integration with DocuSign CLM? Register for DocuSign’s on-demand webinar here for more information about this solution and see it play out with a demo!

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