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Quik! and AdvisorEngine Integration Enhances Data Management

AdvisorEngine CRM® Combined With Quik! Allows Data to Flow Seamlessly Between Databases and Forms

Quik! — the leading provider of forms automation and management solutions — announced an integration partnership with AdvisorEngine, a financial services technology provider driven by the advisor-client relationship. The partnership aims to enhance and streamline how advisory firms manage client information.


For today’s firms, time is money. Every minute spent on manual data entry is a minute lost that could be better utilized in serving clients and business growth. The Quik! integration with AdvisorEngine streamlines data entry processes for AdvisorEngine users. By connecting an AdvisorEngine CRM account to Quik!, CRM data can be automatically prefilled onto forms, eliminating the need for tedious manual input.


Imagine the time saved by not having to type out information again. Instead, advisors can focus

on what truly matters — providing personalized service and valuable insights to their clients.

Quik! has meticulously mapped its fields to 44 fields within AdvisorEngine, ensuring a seamless

flow of data from a CRM database directly onto forms.


“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Quik! to deliver enhanced efficiency and productivity through

seamless data integration,” said AdvisorEngine Chief Growth Officer Ned Dane. “This collaboration underscores both companies’ ongoing commitment to empowering financial advisors with innovative solutions that streamline and elevate the service they give to clients.”


In today’s competitive landscape, leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance client service is essential for success. By integrating Quik! with AdvisorEngine, financial

advisors and wealth management professionals can unlock new levels of efficiency,

productivity, and client satisfaction.


“At Quik!, we love helping financial professionals get more value out of their CRM data,” said Richard Walker, CEO and Founder. “Teaming up with AdvisorEngine enables advisors to fill out

forms faster with seamless integration between our systems. Filling out forms with Quik! and

AdvisorEngine saves time, creates more efficiency, and gives advisors more time to focus on

what truly matters — delivering exceptional service and value to their clients.”


Schedule a demo today to learn how Quik! and AdvisorEngine can benefit your firm.

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