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Bento Engine

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Want to serve all of your clients and prospects with impactful advice? Is adding value beyond investments part of your value proposition? Bento can help.


Bento is an integrated technology and content solution that helps you to Lead with Advice during "Moments That Matter" in the lives of your clients and prospects. Via APIs we connect into your CRM, and make all that great data work even harder for you. We constantly scan your entire book of business for upcoming advice opportunities. And when we find you, we not only alert you via the CRM, we also equip you with compliance pre-approved materials to leverage in rendering the advice. So you can connect with the right clients, on the right topics, at the right time, in the right way.

Our Mission

To bring better advice beyond investing to more American families. Via their caring Financial Advisors. So that families thrive, and advisor practices grow.

CRMs We Integrate Into

Bento integrates via secure APIs into the leading CRM systems broadly used across the wealth management industry, including Salesforce, Redtail, Wealthbox, Practifi, XLR8 and Microsoft Dynamics. And we do custom integrations, too!

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Content Programs

We currently offer 4 content programs, all focused on Leading with Advice during "Moments That Matter":

  1. Life in #s -- Focused on 15 regulatory birthdates that trigger distinct wealth management risks and opportunities

  2. Life Events -- Focused on dozens of regularly occurring life events (eg getting married, divorced, moving to FL) that represent major opportunities to capture money in motion

  3. Children & Wealth -- Helping families introduce their offspring to the important concepts of money and wealth ... and enabling advisors to connect with the Next Gen early and constructively

  4. Life in #s DTC -- Direct To Client version of Life in #s for firms with large prospect or retirement participant books box, Practifi, XLR8 and Microsoft Dynamics. And we do custom integrations, too!

Learn More & Contact Us

Learn more at, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and contact us at to book your personal demo. 

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