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Welcome to Quik!, SA Stone 

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Everyone at Quik! is happy to welcome you. It is our goal to do everything necessary to make your experience with the Quik! App both positive and successful. 

Before you sign up for the Quik! App, we would like to point out several helpful videos we've prepared to give you guidance on how to set up and use the Quik! App. Don't hesitate to reach out to our help team if you need assistance - the last video shows you how. 

One last reminder, you must sign up for the Advanced Plan to get the features that are described here. The Basic Plan, does not include e-signature and other key features that you will need.

You can begin by clicking the "Sign Up" button below:

Setting up the Quik! App

1. Overview of Settings
2. Entering Financial Professional Information
3. Connecting to Your CRM

Getting the most out of using the Quik! App

1. Searching for Forms
2. Creating Form Bundles
3. E-Sign The Forms

Remember: SA Stone uses the phone identity check option for e-signature

4. Printing Forms
5. Getting the Help You Need