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Getting Started with the Quik! App

Let’s Make This Quik! 

The fastest way to get the Quik! App working for you

You’re busy and you don’t have a lot of time to spend getting to know Quik! We designed this page for you. First, we’re going to take you through the three simple steps to start. Then we’re going to take you through the three steps to generate your forms.


After that, if you keep scrolling down, you find a lot of other ways to help you get even more from Quik!

3 Simple Steps to Set Up Quik!

  1. Enter your Financial Advisor Information - You can put in as much as you’d like but all you need is your name and your numbers.

  2. Connect to your CRM

  3. Add your E-sign connection


That’s all for now. You can go into greater detail after you’re generating forms.

Set Up Your Quik! App

Step 1: Enter your Financial Advisor Information

After logging into Quik! follow these steps:

Step 2: Attach your CRM
Step 3: Set up E-Signature

Now you are ready to use Quik!
Let's Generate a Form in 3 Steps

Step 1: Select your Form(s)

Return to the main screen and follow these steps:

Step Two: Choose People

If you don’t have a CRM attached to Quik! then skip this step and go to finalize.