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Make ProcessingForms Easier

Quik! FormXtract is an AI-driven OCR-as-a-Service product that turns your forms into actionable data.

Submit your handwritten, printed and e-signed completed forms to the FormXtract API and get back context-rich structured data that is over 99% accurate. Only Quik! gives you faster, error-free processing, scales to meet your needs, and frees your valuable team members from typing in data or managing templates. Get your revenue faster and serve your customers better.

Meet Formxtract

OCR As A Service

Unmatched accuracy with low-cost setup and maintenance.

Scale Enablement

Effortlessly handle spikes and growth in forms processing.

Rich Data Context

Contextual insights for informed decision making.

Human-Verified Data

Increased confidence level rating system for accuracy verification.

Free Valuable Staff Time

Cut the need for high value staff to read forms.

Get Revenue Faster

Accurate form data means you can process transactions faster.

FormXtract: The Ultimate Solution to Eliminate Your Daily Challenges

Free vital staff from labor-intensive and error-prone manual data extraction.

Eradicate bottlenecks in growth due to the inability to scale manual processes.

Remove the challenges with tool reconfiguration for changing forms.

Eliminate risks associated with human errors in data entry.

Alleviate frustration from slow and inefficient form processing.

Reduce excessive costs associated with labor-intensive data entry.

FormXtract by Quik! redefines data extraction, combining AI, OCR and human-validation to streamline processing completed forms. With a standardized field definition supporting 1.2+ million naming conventions, Quik! ensures efficient and accurate form data delivery. FormXtract goes beyond extraction, providing contextual insights, eliminating manual efforts, and supporting business growth.

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