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Simplify Salesforce Data Mapping with the Quik! Field Mapping Tool

Updated: May 17, 2023

One of the most powerful features of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud CRM is the ability to create fields that allow you to capture information about your clients that is specific to your business. But capturing data and using data are completely different beasts. As with many platforms, adding your new data from Salesforce to either a form or a system to allow processing requires a significant amount of technical expertise. This creates a barrier to your efficiency in handling data.

Well, there’s good news on this front! Quik! has faced that problem as well and decided to create a simpler way to move data to our forms – the Quik! Field Mapping Tool. We’ve taken the waiting out of moving data from Salesforce. You don’t have to schedule someone with technical skills to program the new data to your form. You can open the Quik! Field Mapping Tool and tell Quik! to map the data from Salesforce to the appropriate field name in our definition. And you’re done. Now that data will appear on any of our 38,000 forms where it applies.

What does this mean to you?

Less Manual Entry. Instead of switching back and forth from Salesforce to Quik! to enter the data that already exists in your database every time you use a form, you map it once. Then it is properly entered every time you use a form.

More Power from Your CRM. This tool puts you in control of getting data from the CRM to the form. Name and address are about all the data most systems give you. But there’s so much more you know about your clients. Now you’re in control of getting that data and applying it to the form.

Save Time. Nothing costs a company more than doing the same repetitive task over and over with a human instead of automating the process. Now the power to make that change is in your hands.

Fewer Errors. The best way to eliminate typos is to eliminate typing.

Better Customer Experience. Map more fields and deliver the forms to your clients for signature and faster processing. Don’t make them wait.

How does Field Mapping work?

One of the core features of the Quik! system is our structured field definition that we utilize when mapping forms. This structure ensures that “Owner 1 First Name” is always “Owner 1 First Name” on every form in our library. It’s not “Owner 1 FName” or “Owner 1 FN” or any other combination. It is always the same defined field name. That way, when you pick a person to be “Owner 1” on the form, all of the data you have in your CRM for that person will flow to the fields on the form that are appropriate for “Owner 1”.

Most systems start and end with name and address because everything else adds a layer of complexity. Now add to that, the fact that you decide to have custom fields in your CRM, and it becomes difficult to move the data you’ve gathered to a system or form for processing. We don’t know what name you’ve given that field and we could only guess where it might be applied.

But you know the name. It’s your data. You created it. You know where it should go. Now you have the power to tell Quik! where the data goes. Quik! maps to CRMs in a more complete way than any other system. But there was still room to be better. The Quik! Mapping Tool puts the power in your hands to make your integration with your data source as complete as it can be.

Now, as we are reminded by Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. If you map a data field like “City” to the “State” field, it will be wrong on every form in our library. But we have a team of people who are happy to answer your questions and help you get the mapping you want.

If you are a Salesforce user, this is an extremely powerful tool. You know the forms, you know the data, and now you don’t have to explain it to a technician. Just do it yourself.

Want to learn more? Call 877-456-7845 (and select option 2) or get in touch online!

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