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Quik! is now compatible with Wealthbox - a leading CRM for financial professionals

TORRANCE, Calif. (November 19, 2020) - Quik! is the leading forms automation provider that alleviates the hassle of manual paperwork so businesses can focus on productivity. Quik! incorporates a host of software solutions to offer a simplified and intuitive workflow experience - one of the key features being CRM integration. Today, Quik! has announced it is once again expanding its platform of compatible CRMs, with its latest incorporation - Wealthbox.

Quik! App users will now be able to import client data from the Wealthbox CRM onto electronic forms. Quik! automatically prefills forms with over 55 data points from the Wealthbox CRM. This greatly reduces the time spent on manually inputting information and allows for an optimized workflow.

Here’s what Richard Walker, CEO and founder of Quik! had to say: “We’re excited to offer a seamless integration with Wealthbox CRM. Now users of Wealthbox can leverage all the work they’ve done to enter and maintain clean data by using that data to prefill Quik!’s library of 34,000+ financial forms to open accounts and perform any forms-based work faster. Setting up the connection is simple and using Wealthbox CRM’s data with Quik! forms is even easier. This integration saves users time, improves accuracy and reduces errors on forms with the click of a button.”

Wealthbox is an innovative CRM application specifically devised for financial professionals. Wealthbox’s modern design and powerful relationship management tools are a perfect complement to Quik!.

“Quik!’s unique and innovative approach to forms automation represents a fantastic fit in integrating with Wealthbox CRM for our mutual customers,” explains Ernie Lacroix, Director of Partnerships. “We’re delighted to have Quik! join the growing Wealthbox community of leading wealth-tech vendors to help advisors help their clients.”

Quik! already maintains a number of software platform integrations that improve the functionality of its forms automation tools. Quik! is currently integrated with e-signature platforms like DocuSign and Signix. Quik! is also partnered with numerous CRMs including Redtail, Salesforce, SmartOffice, and Sycamore. Its newest collaboration with Wealthbox will provide users with more opportunities to automate tasks.

Alongside CRM integration, Quik! also offers innovative automation features - such as form bundling, progressive fill, data validation, e-signatures, and more. Companies can use these solutions to improve form processing by making it more efficient, integrated, and advanced. There’s less room for errors, fewer costs, and more time to focus on far-reaching goals. Plus, Quik!’s products make it easy for companies to go green.

Quik! was founded in 2002 by financial advisor and entrepreneur Richard Walker with the goal of helping top financial firms boost their workflows through automated form processing solutions. Quik! has over 34,000 forms used daily by financial professionals and their institutions within its library. Quik! is constantly innovating its form automation offerings and expanding it’s solutions for businesses.

Explore Quik! API and Quik! App or visit to learn more.

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