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Leverage Quik! Forms for Enhanced Business Value

Partnership Benefits

Adding Quik! to your application strengthens user loyalty, lowers your costs and improves your revenue while getting you to market faster with forms automation.
  • Grow faster

    Adding value to your product increases revenue, plus we refer many of our leads to our partners.

  • Create Loyalty

    Forms automation is a digital utility – once your users rely on you for forms they don’t want to turn it off.

  • Lower Your Costs

    Quik! is the most professional, cost-effective way to automate forms – far cheaper than doing it yourself.

  • Easy to Use

    Our APIs and forms are straight-forward, fast to implement and deliver high quality results in less time.


Quik! works best with solutions that automate opening accounts, registrations, transactions, enrollments, purchases and sales, government processes, legal forms and more. Quik! often becomes the most valuable feature in a partner’s solution because our products cost less than doing forms in-house, create end-user loyalty and adoption, and therefore increase lifetime value and revenue.


Integrations are often the lifeblood of a great solution. Ideal integrators include CRMs and data systems, new account opening services and APIs, and any system that can be part of a forms-based workflow. Sharing data with Quik! to fill out and process forms makes your data worth more to users. Sending data to Quik! reduces the effort users must go through to complete their work, making customers more loyal to your solution.

Become a Partner

Let us handle forms automation so you can focus on your best work.

API Architecture

Our system is designed to put you in control.

Security Model

Read our white paper on forms security.

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