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How Does Quik! Work for You?

It starts with your forms...

Gather the forms you use in your business. Internal forms, banking forms, forms from other companies – any forms you use to open and service accounts. Send them to us as a PDF. Our team takes your forms and uploads them into a library that is exclusive to you and then we turn them into Quik! forms.


What makes them Quik! forms?

  1. Applying Quik! fields to the form and

  2. Creating an HTML version of the form so it can be viewed on multiple platforms.

Our team names the fields using our pre-defined naming convention of more than half a million field names. We have a library of over 35,000 forms built around this definition. There’s a good chance we already have some of the forms you need ready to go.

Then they work in your process

Now your forms are ready for the Docusign CLM and Quik! integration. This onboarding system is customized by Docusign to fit your company’s requirements. Using Quik! forms allows you a range of benefits and options that would not otherwise be available.


You can bundle (see video) your forms together. This allows you to onboard households with a single signing event. Not only is this easier on the financial advisor, but it is also easier on the client. You’re not bombarding your client with signing events and multiple requests for the same information



“Quik! Forms is the Industry standard for financial forms automation.”
-- Kind words from a customer

We could have said it about ourselves, but it was better to hear it from a customer. And it underscores what is different about Quik! We are not just software, but software coupled with outstanding service. That's what makes our product work for you. From the top down, everyone at Quik! is focused on our customer’s success.

We don’t expect you to be passionate about forms. No one loves forms. But we are passionate about the success of our customers so our job is to make forms easier. We get excited when we can improve the customer experience. Not just for our customers, but for your customers as well.

Check These Video Examples of Our Customers’ Favorite Features:

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